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Mim McCann,
Last Chance Ceramics

After a lifetime of playing with clay, I am forever experimenting, incorporating metal within clay sculptures, developing surface glazes and Raku techniques. I create both conceptual ceramics and functional pottery. Aesthetically intriguing sculptures of the human form, inside and out, convey concepts of vulnerability and strength; provoking thoughts and evoking memories. In contrast, I draw upon inspiration from ocean waves and star filled skies for decoration in my pottery.

  Stoneware clay incorporating wire, metal pins and staples that are fired into the clay body; this causes the metal to blister, bubble and melt. Embroidery threads and photographic transfers are often added after firing invoking notions of memory, scars and healing. I use a variety of stoneware clays and firings including gas and Raku processes.

Jewellery incorporating porcelain moons, hearts and stars with a "Steam punk" flavour blending silver charms with watch parts, buttons and safety pins.


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